WM Dolls – Breathing Function

Sex Doll Neysha#394-175cm (5ft9) B-Cup TPE

We all want our sex dolls to be as realistic as possible, right?  WM Dolls is delivering on that dream with added features such as basic AI intelligence functions, permanent makeup, internal heating and even talking dolls.  Most recently, WM Dolls has launched a new function to make your dolls come even more alive – the breathing function!

Yes, your new sex doll can breathe regularly, just like a real woman.  Your new sex dolls can have a heart beat and a soothing, rhythmic breath. In the dead of night, when your doll is lying next to you and you are listening to her breathe softly, you will feel that she is really there for you. Let’s imagine!

How does WM/YL Doll achieve this function? In the process of making the doll, they put a respirator into the doll mold which sits inside the doll’s chest cavity.

On/Off Switch – WM offers switches and charging ports for its breathing dolls. Turn it on when you want the doll to breathe, otherwise turn it off.

Usage time – The battery in the device powers the breathing function. When the battery runs out, you can charge it directly.  As for the lifespan of this breathing function, as long as you take good care of the doll, the breathing function will last as long as the doll, which is at least 3-5 years.

Bathing the doll – Never immerse a sex doll with a breathing apparatus in water because it could short circuit the electronics.

The doll industry hasn’t generally embraced breathing, or perhaps, not everyone is ready to accept a sex doll that can become so lifelike. But we look forward to the day when sex dolls can truly bring more authentic feelings to those who lack love and companionship. This breathing function is just one more step on that journey!  Get yours today.

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