WM Doll Introduction

WM Dolls is the undisputed market leader when it comes to the production of premium TPE and silicone sex dolls of the highest quality. The real-life look of WM Sex Dolls may be attributed to the extraordinary workmanship and cutting-edge technologies that were used in the manufacturing process to create high quality sex dolls that are so realistic that you could mistake them for real people. WM Dolls has the widest variety of love dolls available, allowing them to cater to the preferences of each individual customer. They are always one step ahead of the competition by implementing upgrades and introducing new features that give these humanoid creatures a sense of agency. Our goal is to sell these amazingly beautiful WM Dolls at prices that are accessible to most people. WM adult dolls are available to support sex doll customization. You can decide what you wany her to look like, if you have a fantasy women, please turn her into reality! Start living your perfect life now with the help of the finest that WM Doll has to offer.

WM Doll Factory

WM possesses the widest range of products, as well as a strong desire to test the limits of the industry and adapt to its constant state of flux. WM Dolls manufactures sex dolls of the highest possible quality using a TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) composition that has received widespread recognition and extensive research. It is hypoallergenic as well as being beneficial to the environment, and it was developed especially to boost the longevity and durability of their sex dolls. WM's tried-and-true TPE formula contributes to her ultra-realistic touch and feel, which are characterized by their authenticity and suppleness. She has an articulated metal skeleton that can be posed in a variety of ways, giving her both flexibility and strength, and it comes with a large range of different customization possibilities. You may use this stunning doll to create a sex toy that is completely individualized to your tastes and preferences.

Certificate By WM Doll

Every genuine WM Doll package will include a WM Doll instruction manual. Turn to the last page, scratch off the coating, and you will see the anti-counterfeiting verification code. Enter the anti-counterfeiting verification code on WM Doll’s official website, and the result will show whether your doll is genuine.

WM Doll Options

WM Doll Options

Real-Oral-Sex Mouth is also called ROS Mouth, which is a mouth with an oral structure.

In the latest head design with ROS, there is a movable jaw, a simulated tongue, and simulated teeth (soft, not hard real teeth), which are more realistic than the previous mouth with a tongue.

This feature is currently only available on specific head types: #273, #85, #432, #436, #452, #198, #266, and #398 (WM Dolls is continuing to develop new heads with ROS mouth, and the head type will continue to be updated here).

Skin Color

TPE skin

Breasts Type

*Gel breasts bounce!

WM Doll now offers 3 types of doll breasts – gel-breasts, hollow breasts, solid breasts.

Obviously, the jiggle of gel boobs is superior to hollow and solid boobs. There are some large breasts that are not suitable for solid and gel-filled breasts because overweight breasts can cause breast tears, and jelly breasts are also very likely to burst due to too much air pressure during transportation.

If you want to add a heating option to your doll, do not choose gel-filled breasts as the gel breasts may burst when heated.

Mouth Type

WM Doll now offers three mouth types:
Only textured hole, textured hole with fixed tongue, real mouth with teeth and tongue (ROS)

If you choose hair implants for your TPE doll or choose a silicone head, any of these three mouth options will not be unavailable as the head is firm.

Upgraded Skeleton

EVO skeleton means reinforced metal skeleton with enhanced movable shoulders. You can give a new look to the beautiful model in different positions. Think of all the “yoga poses” you can do with that beautiful model in mind you have.


EVO skeleton is not available if you choose a heating option or breathing option for WM & YL Doll.

Hyper Realism Painting

Don’t wash your doll’s body too much when your doll has realism body painting.

Teeth & Tongue Inserts

This teeth & tongue set offers a more realistic look for your love doll. It’s not fit for silicone dolls and hair-implanted TPE doll heads.


Implanted Hair

For WM/YL Doll, there are 2 options for implanted hair: Human real hair, Synthetic hair. Hair Length and color are optional.

You can style the hair as you desire. It can be washed, dried, curled, combed, styled, cut, crimped, and straightened but we don’t recommend any heat above 140 degrees centigrade.

The head is produced with a harder TPE blend if you choose implanted hair. The head and mouth will be hard; as a consequence oral sex won’t be possible and neither the addition of tongue + uvula. If you choose the human/real implanted hair during the customization of your doll, please leave us a message in the note box with your desired color and length when you place an order. Please note that implanted hair requires an extra 10-14 days for delivery time.

Click this video to see how implanted hair is made.

Articulated Fingers

2nd Generation of Articulated Fingers

WM Doll now offers articulated finger joints for dolls of height 150cm+.

3rd Generation of Articulated Hand Skeleton

The newest generation of articulated hand skeletons not only upgrades the finger parts but also adds a ball joint at the wrist to allow for more flexible wrist movement. The fingers feature a “Damping Structure” and “Spherical Structure” to ensure more flexibility and durability. Learn more about the upgraded hand skeleton by clicking here.

Moaning System

When you touch her breasts or having sex with your real doll, turn on this device and your love doll will moan. You can charge the sound system by connecting the power cord.

Body Heating

You will receive a USB heater in the package when your package is delivered. The USB heater is only for heating your doll holes (mouth, vagina, anus). This heating option is to warm your doll’s whole body. Please connect your doll to heat for at least 40 minutes and don’t heat for much too long time.

Don’t use your love doll when it’s being heated. Don’t ever use the heating option in water, always disconnect the power first when washing your doll or taking it into a damp or wet environment.

Auto-Sucking Vagina

Generally, skinny ladies less than 160cm are not recommended to add the auto-sucking function. Please feel free to consult our customer service if you want this function for your WM doll.

WM Doll Body Measurements

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What Exactly Are These WM Dolls?
On the current market for TPE sex dolls, the most popular brand is WM Doll. There are quite a few imitations available, but nothing can beat the genuine article. To be absolutely certain that you are in possession of the genuine article, you may even check the authenticity directly on the manufacturer's website.

On all of their toys, the company employs TPE, which is a material that is gentle to the skin and does not cause allergic reactions. The material is what gives these units their extraordinarily lifelike sense, and it does so because of how it looks.

The organization also provides enhancements that will give you shivers of excitement all the way down your spine. You now have the ability to add mechanisms to your toy, such as body-heating capabilities, simulated breathing, and groaning capabilities. And naturally, the WM doll brand puts the imagination in your hands by providing a wide variety of customizing possibilities for the doll's outward look.

How Your WM Doll Can Help You Live a More Exciting Life
Your WM sex doll is ready and waiting for your command at all times. You are free to use it to whatever purpose that your heart desires, and it will help you realize all of your greatest thoughts. We'll list a few of the advantages below, but if you want to believe us, you have to give it a shot first.

It Really Does Feel Like It Is.
You will have an experience that is remarkably similar to real life thanks to the TPE substance. The exterior of the toy, as well as the entirety of its interior, has a velvety smooth texture. In addition, the body-safe plastic has a little bit more give and suppleness than the other materials used in the construction of sex toys. You'll have the sensation of being with a real person while the passion is at its height.

Consider purchasing add-ons such as body heat or recorded moaning to take this already lifelike experience to a whole new level.

Adaptable to a variety of positions
Do you ever fantasize about putting yourself in outrageous or scandalous situations? If so, would you be interested in doing so? Your WM doll is present and ready to be of assistance. If you go with the EVO adjustable skeleton, you'll be able to sit in virtually any position your heart desires. There is also an upgrade that provides articulated hands, allowing your doll to hold and squeeze you in any position you like.

Stunning Realism in Appearance
A WM sex doll has a realistic appearance and a realistic feel. Every single one of them was hand-made keeping in mind both aesthetics and accuracy. Your WMdoll has been expertly molded, and the extensive personalization choices give you the freedom to create the ideal companion for yourself.

Your Most Reliable Partner
When you choose a WM Doll, you won't have to stress about pregnancy tests, condoms, or dropping out of the relationship. This toy provides you with a constantly accessible body that you are free to utilize in any method that you see fit. What else could possibly be more perfect than that?

The expression "practice makes perfect"
Because it is so realistic and flexible, the WM Doll is an excellent instrument for practicing your various sexual maneuvers. Having sexual encounters with something that is so lifelike can help you improve your personal stamina while also assisting you in being more skilled in the bedroom.

Simple to Keep Clean
The cleanup for these toys is uncomplicated and won't take long at all. To clean TPE, you need only a rag, some antibacterial soap, and a little bit of warm water. It is recommended that you have a spray bottle ready and loaded with your soapy mixture. Give your doll a light misting with the spray bottle, and then pat her dry with your hand.