Shenzhen AI-Tech Sex Robot Introduction

Founded in 2016, AI -Tech is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of artificial intelligence technology services and products. They combine robots and sex dolls to provide intelligent sex dolls with heating and sound functions. They are the first artificial intelligence technology company in China focused on sex robots.

1. Voice System with Robot Learning (English & Chinese)

The robot can actually learn as you speak with her, just like a real person, utilizing a process called deep learning.  The more you talk to her, the smarter she will be.  Over time she will come to know you better, listen to you and respond to your feelings. She’ll be the best girlfriend you’ve ever had.

2. User Programmable Background System

You can program your robot to say whatever you want her to say, from sweet nothings to the dirtiest dirty talk you can imagine.  You can control what your sex robot says to you with both basic text entry (typing a phrase for the sex robot to speak) or with MP3 files (so your sex robot robot can play sexy sounds, movie clips or the like).

3. Mimic Facial Expressions.  Your sex robot can mimic many facial expressions, such as smiling, winking, and making cute faces.  How sexy is that!

4.  Moaning System.  Multiple touch sensors can activate a number of different sounds, from sultry to intense, with an exciting moan of pleasure when you touch and squeeze her private parts.

5. Heating System.  Your sex robot can come with internal heating, providing a more realistic feel when you hold her.  Warm hugs, warm touch.

Robot Head Features

1. Eyes – Your sex robot’s eyes can look in different directions and even blink, for an even more lifelike experience.  Soon (but not quite yet) they will also come with built-in cameras and facial recognition.

2. Neck – Utilizing a mechanical articulated neck, your sex robot’s head can turn left and right. The neck also comes with a modular adaptor enabling it to be attached to many different bodies.

3. Mouth –  Your sex robot’s gorgeous looking mouth has lips that move when she speaks or smiles, allowing for multiple facial expressions.  She can already smile at you like a real girl, and even more facial expressions are in development.

Robot Software

The AI software is pre-installed on the hardware inside her head. You don’t need any other equipment to talk with her. Just talk to her directly, like you are talking to a real person.  AI deep learning and upgradable software enables her to learn and grow every time you interact with her.

AI Tech sex robots are the next generation and you can get one today!  Be an early adopter and get started with an incredible sex robot, all you have to do is place the order and she’s yours.

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