Irontech Gel Breast & Butt

Sex Doll Huther-165cm (5ft5) G Cup Full Silicone

Irontech is one of the most popular manufacturers of realistic sex dolls. In recent years, they have focused on developing functional life size sex dolls. Notable results have been achieved. Huge boobs sex dolls, pregnant sex dolls, silicone sex dolls, BBW sex dolls are their main products.

Gel Breasts/Butt is one of their research and development results.

Sex Dolls with Gel breasts and Butt now are more and more popular among sex doll lovers. The gel filling part makes the sex doll closer to the real body.

Can I customize the softness of the gel breasts/buttocks?

Sure, you can refer to the table below to customize your adult sex dolls.

How to avoid damaging gel breasts and butt?

The best way to protect the gel part is to hang the doll. Neither the gel breasts nor the buttocks will flatten.

If she has gel breasts, don’t put her to sleep on her tummy.

Do not pull too hard on the gel part, especially the softer gel options, to avoid tearing.

Keep away from knives, forks, scissors and other sharp objects.

Will shipping damage the gel breasts and butt?

Long lead times may damage the gel butt as the doll has to lie flat during shipping.

We protect the gel butt by padded waist and thighs with foam to avoid flat butt, most of the gel butt dolls arrive at their destination intact.

Solid butts and standard gel butts are better at maintaining shape after lying down.

What are the disadvantages of gel butts?

Gel butts are visually inferior to solid butts. If your doll is being used as a photo model, a solid butt is a better choice.

Although the softer gel butt has a better softness, there may be an unnatural transition at the junction of the buttocks and thighs when sitting, like a roll of fat.

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