Fix Your Sex Doll With Glue

Sex Doll Bercier-163cm (5ft4) C Cup Full Silicone

Many novice buyers often don’t know how to manipulate the Realistic Sex Doll so as not to damage it when operating the Lifelike Sex Dolls. So they accidentally scratched the fragile Best Real Sex Doll with a sharp object, or damaged it in other ways. So how do we fix it so it’s perfect again?

Below, Irontech Doll gives a flawless repair method for the damage of Life Size Sex Dolls made of TPE and Silicone.

1. TPE: TPE Sex Dolls are soft to the touch and are easily damaged inadvertently. First, we gently clean the damaged area of TPE with a cotton swab dipped in clean water. Second, lightly apply TPE glue to the damaged area, then carefully remove excess glue. Finally, let the glue dry and set for at least 30 minutes. You can see your Best TPE Sex Doll still flawless in front of you.

2. Silicone: Silicone Sex Dolls feels a little harder, but it is very realistic, if a real person stands in front of you. The first step is the same as the TPE sex doll, we use a cotton swab dipped in water to clean the damaged area of Silicone. Next, please pay attention to the important points. Secondly, we need to mix the silicone glue and the silicone paint in a ratio of 1:1, and we must stir vigorously until they are perfectly blended. Then, apply them to damaged areas, being careful to remove excess mixture. Finally, wait 6-8 hours for it to dry.

PS: You can use this method to repair all brands of sex dolls, but please note that the repair methods of TPE and silicone materials are different.

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