Irontech burst onto the scene in 2016.  By 2020, it had become so well-known that it was interviewed and publicized by Forbes and other major news media outlets.  Irontech makes not only TPE dolls but also silicone dolls. Hollywood Sex Dolls provides custom sex dolls in a variety of heights and sizes. Irontech Dolls are exquisitely constructed, meticulously designed, and handcrafted. One of the highest quality sex doll brands in the market is Irontech dolls. All Irontech dolls may be totally customized, you can select the skin tone, eye color, wig style, nail color, and whether or not you want the doll to stand. These best sex dolls are extremely unique because of Irontech dolls' incredible characteristics and unmatched beauty. Hollywood Sex Dolls is an authorized global distributor of Irontech dolls.  We have access to all Irontech dolls, whether you're looking for Asian sex dolls, Milf sex dolls, or even the most recent BBW sex doll. We're always delighted to help and can find any love doll you want.

Irontech Dolls are one-of-a-kind sex dolls with beautiful details and many ways to customize them. Joy Loves Dolls is proud to be a certified seller of these beautiful babies. Like the 6Ye doll, each hand-made Irontech sex doll is made of TPE material that is good for the environment and your body. The smooth skin and internal elasticity of these sex dolls come from TPE. This means that your Iron Tech doll will fit you like a nice, tight glove. The dolls are also very unique. Irontech dolls are just as beautiful and detailed as the best-selling WM Dolls. But, like the Piper Dolls, these dolls also have features that are exaggerated and look like cartoons or anime. The best of both worlds is in your Irontech doll.

What can make you happy with your Irontech doll
If you want a very personal and close-up masturbation experience, you should get an Irontech Doll.

Details that are real and features that aren't
Irontech dolls are both works of art and sex toys. The designers made sure that each doll had details that made it look like a person, but they used their own creativity when making the dolls' bodies. You'll notice that the dolls have big, eager eyes and full lips, which are usually only possible with an Instagram filter. Also, there is a wide range of body proportions, from narrow hips and big breasts to wide hips and a small chest to perfect proportions in every way. What's really amazing is how much detail is put into the body. All of the details of the vaginal, anal, and oral orifices are the same as those of a real person. It will still look and feel the same. Iron tech reviews have said that the dolls look like movie stars, dream girls from Japanese anime, and erotica cartoons. But if you want a totally realistic doll, don't worry. There are realistic Irontech dolls, especially the male ones.

Both the male and female versions have a flexible metal skeleton that lets you set them up in any way you want. You can also heat your body with the Standard skeleton, while the EVO skeleton gives you more freedom of movement. Your new TPE partner can also grab and hold whatever you want with the Articulate Hands.

Because they are made of TPE, these dolls feel real on the inside and on the outside. The feelings are like those of a real person. If you choose the Standard skeleton, you can improve this by heating your doll in a safe way.

The female Iron Tech sex doll companions have three openings that make it easy to get in through the mouth, nose, and vaginal openings. Our beautiful males have penises that can be changed and two openings for both oral and anal penetration. You can also give your TPE partner Articulate Hands, which they can use to squeeze you and please you. And since there's no chance of getting pregnant or anything else bad, you can finish wherever you want.

The TPE material makes it easy to clean even the Irontech fixed vagina sex doll. TPE is not allergenic, and all you need to clean it is warm water and antibacterial soap without a scent. The easiest way is to put your soap and water in a spray bottle and mist your toy with it. Then, use a sponge or clean cloth to gently wipe your new partner down. Make sure it's totally dry before putting it away. Even though the process is simple, it's important to make sure you clean everything well. TPE is safe and soft, but it has small holes in it.

Your Iron Tech date isn't worth much. But do you know what they are else? Durable and of good quality. Since TPE is less expensive than silicone, the company can sell these beautiful things for much less. It's great for people who are just starting out and want to jump without spending a lot of money.

Yes, without a doubt. We want you to find someone who is just right for you and your needs, so each doll can be changed in any way you want.

Each doll comes in different skin colors, such as white, medium, tanned, and black. Change the color of their eyes and hair so that it fits with who they are. Do you have an Irontech sex doll that looks like a girl next door, with brown curls and green eyes? Or is your doll a succubus with red eyes and hair that is straight as a pin? All of it is up to you. You can also choose between fully firm or naturally soft breasts for the female products.

Add-ons that are sexy can make your experience better.
For an extra fee, you can add things to your doll that will make you enjoy it even more.

You can choose between a regular mouth hole or a mouth with a realistic tongue built in for more fun.

The skeleton of your plastic partner can be either standard or EVO. Both have good points. Choose the Standard option if you like to heat your doll. Heat won't work with the EVO skeleton, but it will let you move more like a real person.

You can give your Irontech doll Articulated Hands, which let them hold things or grab onto you. If you want your partner to stand, you should give them feet that stand.

Want an even easier way to clean? Choose the vagina that comes off when you're building your new toy.

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