Who Invented The Sex Doll?

Many people assume that the sex doll is a modern invention but in reality it goes back much, much further than you would think.  Sex dolls have a long history - only the technology has changed.

Early Sex Dolls

While today’s sex dolls are super sophisticated and feel almost the same as a real human being, the earliest recorded use of sex dolls was by European sailors in the 1600s. 

It got lonely out there on the high seas for months at a time, so these sailors created dolls out of cloth and straw, with a pussy made from soft leather.  They used lube made from various natural oils.  They even traded these dolls with other sailors for gold, silver, rum and tobacco.  Sounds like a good time!

The technology stayed largely the same up until the late 1800s when some sex doll pioneers discovered that rubber felt even better than cloth and leather and allowed them to make more realistic figures.  The process was improved over the following decade, to the point where medical professionals began to incorporate sex dolls in to their practices.  There are even rumors that German troops in World War II were given realistic sex dolls to enjoy, to relieve stress and avoid diseases such as syphilis from prostitutes.

After World War II there was a lull in sex doll development, but in the 70s and 80s people began to create so-called “blow up dolls” from cheap plastic.  Like the name implies, they were literally blown up with air like a balloon.  People began to realize that with increased air pressure, the holes felt very tight and pleasurable.  This rekindled an interest in sex doll development that led to the marvelous dols that what all enjoy today.

Sex Dolls Today

Today’s sex dolls are a serious business, using stainless steel skeletons and the most advanced composite materials such as thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone.  The top quality brands are the result of years of research and development and the dolls are remarkably realistic in every respect, from the movement of the joints to the lifelike face and body to the soft touch of the skin to the tight grip of the pussy.  Many movie studios even use dolls in place of real people now!

Dolls have come a long way since the 1600s and those sailors would be amazed at the engineering marvels that we can all enjoy today at such a relatively low price.  Who knows what comes next, maybe robots?  Only time will tell.  But for now, you can purchase the best sex toy in the history of mankind and have it delivered directly to your door to enjoy for years.  What are you waiting for?  Order yours today and find out what all the hype is about. 

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