SE Articulated Fingers vs. Common (Standard) Fingers

Common (standard) doll fingers are supported by flexible metal wires within a flexible outer tube.  The advantage of common doll fingers is that they are cheaper to produce, but they also come with disadvantages:

1.  More easily deformed and damaged - the wires give it the advantage of being flexible, but at the same time the wires can be more easily deformed and will need to be periodically straightened, which over time can lead to a less realistic look. Often these problems occur because of clumsy handling, such as flipping the doll over without putting the hands in a neutral position first, causing the fingers to become stuck, twisted and bent.

2.  Dislocations and punctures can occur -  when the fingers are deformed by frequent impacts or crushing, or the fingers are moved too frequently or severely, there is a risk that the wires can poke through the TPE skin.  At this point, the only option is to snip and remove the wire, which will result in a limp and dangling finger.  There is also a risk of dislocation (the fingers can separate from the wrist and hang down loosely) which affects the aesthetics and cannot be repaired without a professional. Even for a professional, it is a complicated process and when completed, the beauty of the hand will still be greatly reduced.

SE Sex doll finger

The Solution

1.  More durability.  SE (and some other top manufacturers) have improved their sex dolls by adding what are called "articulated" fingers.  The SE Articulated Doll Finger Skeleton (available in its 150cm+ dolls) is made of stainless steel, riveted with three joints of each finger, from palm to tip. This creates both greater durability and a more realistic look.  The articulated finger joints also have a special surface coating that increases the adhesion between the TPE material and the metal skeleton itself, which is also color-matched to the skin color to prevent the skeleton from showing through. The upgraded joint are also lighter but with increased durability.

2. More Texture.  Articulated finger bones imitate real finger joints to provide more texture and realistic hand performance.  For those who like dolls, the upgraded finger joints can fine-tune the details, especially when posing the doll in a manner where the shape and position of the hands and fingers is important (such as pointing, making an OK sign or holding an object).  This is an excellent benefit for professional photographers and content creators in particular.

3. Load bearing.  The articulated fingers can support objects such as plastic water bottles, sunglasses or hairbrushes.  Normal fingers can only be used to hold very light items such as pens or pencils.

4. Repairable.  Articulated fingers have a "cap" on each finger to help prevent the fingertips from piercing through the TPE skin, which is a good preventative idea.  If a knuckle joint becomes loose, it can basically be restored after tightening the internal screw at the affected joint, meaning fewer "floppy fingers." SEDOLL supports articulated finger skeletons for sex dolls over 150 cm.

SE Sex Doll Finger

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