Piper Doll

Piper Doll is the one of the best sex doll brands in the world. Their exclusive technology allows the head to be seamlessly attached to the body - no need to screw on a head yourself and no unsightly seam around the neck. This is an advantage that other brands cannot match, and true perfectionists love the permanently installed head of a Piper sex doll.

Piper insists on both original design of the doll’s appearance, along with the best Platinum TPE and high-quality silicone material to make their sex dolls. In addition, Piper designed and manufactured its own metal skeleton that functions very similar to a human skeleton, allowing for lifelike poses in every detail. Piper will provide customized wigs, clothing and other valuable accessories.  We believe that your Piper Doll will bring you an amazing experience.  Here are some of the Piper highlights:

1. The best TPE formula in the industry

Piper Doll’s proprietary "Platinum TPE" has a unique formula that does not use recycled TPE or other recycled materials, like some manufacturers. This proprietary technique is known to produce a very soft, smooth, pleasant to the touch, durable, flexible and easy to maintain sex doll. The skin-to-skin contact is so realistic, you'll truly enjoy the physical sensations.

piper sex doll soft tpe

2. Well-made, strong and easy to handle skeleton

The next generation Piper Doll skeleton allows for a wide range of motion. This new skeleton enables kneeling and squatting poses.  You can also shrug and squeeze the doll’s shoulders.  Ergonomic handling, high quality stainless steel and strong welded joints allow for long-lasting use and a wide range of poses. Piper doll skeletons do not show any signs of oxidation.

piper sex doll pose

3. The seamless connection between body and head

With a Piper Doll, you will never see any stitching on the neck.  Instead, the body and head are seamless.  Other doll manufacturers are in awe of this proprietary technique.

piper sex doll neck

4. Washable semi-permanent makeup

A valuable advantage is that Piper Doll makeup resists rubbing and fading very well.

piper sex doll makeup

5. One-piece small tongue

The TPE face of the Piper Doll has a mouth with a small, non-removable tongue for added realism.

piper sex doll tongue

6. Hanging point

On the top of the skull, hidden under the doll’s wig, you’ll find an attachment for an M16 threaded bolt that can then accommodate a the retaining hook, which allows your doll to hang vertically in a storage cabinet.  This is convenient, saves storage space and also prevents your doll from become deformed or "pancaked" due to spending a lot of time resting against a hard surface.

piper sex doll hang kit

7. 10 kinds of vagina textures for you

You can choose from any of Piper's ten (10) vagina textures. Note that certain textures are only available with certain size dolls, so check the height of your doll and then see the vagina textures offered.

piper sex doll vagina options

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