How Dolls Get Damaged

I started out with a little doll shop in Los Angeles where I rent dolls, so unlike online retailers who just sell them, I actually know how to handle them and I know exactly how they get beat up. Overall, the dolls are very resilient. You can squeeze them, slap them, fuck them, no problem. But damage does occur and this is what I've learned about the most likely problems.

Hands and fingers
I can tell you one thing that you probably won't read anywhere else online, which is that the first thing to get damaged is going to be the hands and fingers. Every time. The reason is that the hands and fingers on any doll are delicate, because they're basically just a wire (unless they are "articulated" fingers, which is a custom feature offered by some brands). The arms or the legs have stainless steel tubes, so they're obviously much stronger. So what happens is people move the doll around, they don't pay attention to the hands and fingers and eventually one of them gets bent so far that a wire sticks through the skin. At that point really the only thing you can do is snip the wire. 
The face
A lot of guys like to use it for oral, but I recommend against it unless you really want it. The reason is that the face has some delicate features like makeup and eyelashes. The more you use it the sooner you're going to deteriorate those features. With repeated wear and tear, eyelashes will come off and the makeup will get faded. You can repair both, for example using super glue in a toothpick to glue on the eyelashes, or reapplying permanent makeup, but it takes work and it will never be quite the same. For that reason I recommend keeping the use of the face to a minimum.
Another feature that many people enjoy is standing feet. It's nice to have a doll that can stand for any number of reasons, whether it's posing it in an attractive position, or being able to perform standing doggie. But it comes with a downside and that downside is increased wear and tear on the feet. Anytime you're putting a doll on a floor you're going to be creating a lot of friction, and when you create friction you will eventually tear the soft TPE material (or even the harder silicone) eventually. Floors are also dirty, so it's more cleaning. And often it's difficult to balance the doll standing, so it can fall. It's just something I tell people to consider before deciding on standing feet.

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