Dressing Your Doll

You can dress your doll and that's part of the fun for almost everyone. You can customize her look to exactly what you want.  But here are some tips on what not to do.
1. Dark colors will stain. It doesn't matter if it's leather, polyester or even cotton, if it's a dark color and it remains next to your doll's skin for more than even a few hours it will stain it. At that point it's like a tattoo and you won't be able to take it out. 
For people that know how to do it, you can treat darker clothing with a "color fast" treatment that prevents staining. Personally, I've never done it at my shop so I can't recommend it but I'm passing it along. What I do is dress them only in light colors, like white, yellow, pink, things like that. But unless you know how to use color fast or some similar dye treatment, don't put dark clothing on them and don't say I didn't warn you. Haha
2. Sizing can be difficult because these dolls are shaped like fantasy girls. For example, she may have huge tits up top but a perky little butt down below. So you may need to mix and match different bra and panty sizes. One of the things I've found is to use clothing that is stretchy, almost like one size fits all. That way you know it's going to conform to the shape of the body. Or I use things that just drape over the doll like a lacy lingerie top. Bras and panties are also a great combo that can be mixed and matched.
3.  Shoes can also be put on the dolls, but if you're actually going to stand it, I recommend that you make sure your doll has standing feet. A doll without standing feet will stand in certain types of shoes, like sneakers or tennis shoes, but it may be more difficult than things like high heels because the material is so soft and can shift.
4.  I know that some of my customers also add jewelry to the dolls, whether it's regular jewelry like a necklace or armband, or something that requires piercing like an earring or nose ring or nipple ring. I've seen the results of the piercings and they do look really good, but I do have to caution customers that the TPE material is very soft so anytime you puncture it you're going to be lessening it's useful life. Puncture at your own risk. 

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