Are Sex Dolls Legal?

Sometimes our customers are nervous about the legality of sex dolls, but there is no reason for concern.   Your purchase is perfectly legal.  There is no background check or other record keeping.  You will not go onto a “list” somewhere.  It’s the same process as buying any other legal product.

The Stigma Around Sex Dolls

If you think about it, your concerns are most likely all in your head.  Is this prostitution?  No of course not.  The dolls are highly realistic and can look and feel just like a real woman, but they obviously are not real women.  Will people think I’m some kind of a sex fiend? First of all, your sex life is nobody’s business but your own, and second, all dolls come discreetly packaged in a plain cardboard box with no marking to indicate that it’s a doll.  If you have nosy neighbors, you can always tell them it’s a bookshelf.  Will customs seize my doll?  Although it’s not unusual for customs to randomly inspect large packages coming from overseas, they are searching for things like drugs or contraband, they do not care about sex dolls.

Some States Have Restricted Sex Dolls

Having said that, the only area for potential concern is if you live in Florida, Kentucky or Tennessee where state laws restrict the sale of so-called “underage” or “child” sex dolls.  We are not sure how an inanimate object can be considered “underage” or whether those laws are constitutional, but if you live in one of those states and want to play it safe you should consider getting a more life-size doll in the 148cm+ height range with plenty of curves.  When in doubt, go bigger.  We are not legal experts though, so please be sure to check with the laws in your state.

So, Are They Legal?

The short answer is YES, sex dolls are legal!  A sex doll is a sex toy and sex toys are legal in all states in the U.S.  Sure, it’s the best sex toy imaginable, but it’s still just a doll.  All over the U.S., stores sell other toys like dildos, vibrators, pocket pussies, and masturbators.  Now sex dolls have joined the club.  Even major retailers like Amazon promote sex dolls.

Enjoy your sex doll and the peace of mind knowing that it is all completely legal. You can get yours here!

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