6 Must-Have Sex Doll Accessories to Enhance Your Experience

Owning a sex doll can be an incredibly exhilarating experience, because you have the freedom to change her appearance at any time and in any way you want.  She's your own personal sex toy and companion, catering to your every sexual desire.

Every night could look and feel different with your new companion - just think of the endless possibilities!  In this article, we will explore 20 accessories for those seeking to customize their dream partner.

A Cleaning Irrigator

This product is a convenient way to clean your sex doll. Simply fill it with warm water, insert the spout into the butt or vagina canal of your doll and then pump away! The nozzle shape makes insertion easy and comfortable for both you and your doll partner.  Just be sure to do so carefully, to avoid scratching the surface of the skin.  A useful complement to an irrigator is a pair of locking medical forceps, which can be used for both cleaning and drying.

Sex Doll Parts

Personalize your doll in many ways, such as a split tongue, a new set of teeth, or an eye color unlike any other! If you're feeling daring, why not give her a completely different head? Let your imagination run wild and make sure that she's one-of-a-kind.

Some dolls come with a removeable vagina for easy cleaning and extra variety. Just change out the vagina for a slightly different model by using different types of inserts. Changing up the different parts is an easy way to give your doll a whole new look and feel.


Are you searching for a hassle-free approach to change your doll's style? Switching out her wig is the perfect way to do it!  Whether you want to see if blondes truly have more fun or explore whether redheads are wild in bed, there’s something for everyone.  There is an array of wigs available in various styles – long hair, short hair and absolutely anything in between. Go ahead, experiment with different looks; who knows what surprises await!



Are you looking for a natural, everyday look or something more elegant and glamorous? Maybe you desire a seductive, sultry vibe instead.  Makeup is an excellent way to make your doll reflect exactly what's in your imagination. Remember to always use makeup that will pair flawlessly with the skin of your beloved companion!

With a light touch and soft brushes, carefully apply the makeup to avoid scratching her delicate skin.  When it comes time for mascara, be sure to treat her eyelashes gently or try using faux lashes instead for a beautiful wide-eyed look.  Don't forget to also order an allergen-free makeup remover that is safe for dolls too!

A Head Stand

Although this isn't necessary, having a doll stand is incredibly useful for styling your doll's hair and applying makeup. To use the stand simply unpin the head from the body and place it onto the holder - simple as that!

If you do not own the stand, styling your doll can be an incredibly difficult task. You will need to physically move her around as you brush her hair or apply makeup - but with a headstand it's much easier!  The base allows for more stability and control that propping up your doll just doesn't offer.  Plus, its convenience makes grooming hassle-free so that you can focus on creating beautiful looks!

Contact Lenses

Looking to mix it up? Doll contact lenses can instantly transform your doll's look. Go for a timeless classic with blonde hair and blue eyes, or switch things up and introduce an extra fantasy element - the choice is yours!

Ready to become the envy of your friends? Consider wearing cat eye contact lenses for an alluring, captivating gaze. Standard and specialty contacts are both available so that you can transform your sex doll into a real-life (almost) Cat Woman!  The possibilities are endless.


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