3 Tips on How to Use a Sex Doll

Look no further, as this comprehensive guide covers each detail you need to utilize your sex doll successfully – be it unpacking or post-play cleanup. This is the only aid that will make sure you get everything right!


Wash Before Wearing

When it comes to dressing your sex doll, the utmost essential step is not to be overlooked. TPE dolls are particularly prone to absorbing dyes from bedding and clothing; therefore, make sure that any garments you buy for her are properly washed before being put on - otherwise, you will be left with discolored patches of skin which can't easily be gotten rid of.

Safe Scents for Sex Dolls

While your TPE or silicone sex doll may already look exquisite in a gorgeous outfit and seductive lingerie, scent can be just as arousing. However, it is not recommended to directly apply fragrances or body sprays on the skin of your doll since they contain harsh chemicals like alcohol which could stain and damage their surface. To keep them smelling delightful without risking any harm, simply spray perfumes onto their clothing before dressing up - that way you will still get all the aroma without endangering your beloved love toy!

Using Lubricants with a Sex Doll

You must utilize a lubricant when engaging in sexual activities with your doll. All parts of the toy such as the vagina, anus, and penis are crafted from superior silicone material; thus it is best to only use water-based lube which will not dry out or harm these sensitive areas. Not only that but they are wholly compatible with TPE dolls - there's nothing better than taking extra steps for added care!


Furthermore, using water-based lubricants with a love doll makes sex feel even more realistic. Another great tip is to warm your bottle of lube in a sink of hot water before applying it to the doll. That way, the lube feels natural and sex is slippery, warm, and wonderful.

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